Winter, the perfect season for a peeling

A chemical peeling is like an exfoliation but deeper, which consists of the controlled application of substances to eliminate successive layers of the skin and thus achieve subsequent regeneration of the same.

Experts recommend this scheduled exfoliation, both in winter and early spring, because if we do it in the months when the radiation is less intense and it is colder, we will obtain better results in terms of the durability of the effects and uniformity of the skin.

More specifically, and due to the lesser presence of the sun in the coldest stage of the year, winter is the perfect season to undergo a treatment like this, so that our skin arrives at the summer stage in perfect conditions.

In addition, there will be less chance of suffering side effects due to both solar radiation and sweating.

It is advisable to prepare the skin ten days before with specific treatments, since the peeling is performed by applying chemical substances in a liquid state on the area to be treated and there are more or less deep treatments depending on the skin of each person, so it is important to have the dermis well prepared to face the process. 

Finally, peeling is recommended for everyone: young, old, men, or women. However, people who have herpes, infectious or inflammatory processes in the area, or a tendency to produce keloids or hyperpigmentation should not undergo this treatment.