The first simulator for disabled people is already here

The gaming world has been trying for some time to develop new tools to improve accessibility for gamers with mobility or vision disabilities.

Finally, in Spain, Ford Adapta and Fundación ONCE launched Team Fordzilla's Ford Adapta Simulator, the first sim-racing simulator created and adapted to the needs of real and virtual drivers with reduced mobility.

The simulator, developed by the specialized company Hi-Speed Simulators, is supported by Ford Adapta, Team Fordzilla, and the Fundación ONCE.

This simulator is a hardware that allows people with reduced mobility to experience sim-racing in the same way as in a cockpit with pedals, enabling users to play and compete at the highest level, regardless of whether they suffer from any physical disability.

A steering wheel has been implemented with rings that allow the accelerator and brake to be activated, inspired by Ford's adapted vehicles.

The simulator, compatible with all consoles, computers, and video games, has adapted software with reduced mobility mode and is available with a Virtual Reality system.

Its main features are:

  • MBH steering wheel with adaptive rim paddles to control throttle and brake.
  • Servobases with Direct Drive technology.
  • Wireless, with systems for easy rim change.
  • Adaptive paddle shifters with configurable functions.
  • Haptic vibration systems for body torso.
  • High-fidelity motion systems.
  • Sequential gear shifting.