Sport, a key factor during pregnancy

Physical activity is an essential pillar of a healthy lifestyle, and during pregnancy, it becomes even more important. Always following the recommendations of the gynecologist, sport helps at every stage of pregnancy, to enjoy more of this beautiful stage of life.

If you are looking to get pregnant, the first thing to do is to see a specialist to find out the best way to start this process.

If we do sports regularly, it is usually recommended to continue with the practice of sports. Doing sports before pregnancy helps to have a good recovery and to better cope with the symptoms of pregnancy.

If we have worked abdominal muscles, they will hold the baby's weight better and will return to their place more easily afterward. Whatever the sport you practice, you should continue to do it and enjoy it.

Once we are pregnant, it is time to take care of ourselves and follow the recommendations of the gynecologist. 

If the gynecologist tells us that we can continue with our sports practice, we will adjust it to the needs we have, either by reducing the intensity, changing the exercises that have an impact on others that are softer, etc. 

You can also incorporate into your exercise the practice of yoga, a discipline that helps to strengthen the body and gain elasticity and body control.

For the practice of yoga, we will have to trust ourselves and our bodies. Trust yourself, adapt to what the body asks us every day and try to connect with our inner self and the baby that is developing.

But the most important thing regardless of the sport practiced is to continue taking care of yourself and feeling better quarter after quarter. To do this, we must move, which will help us to balance hormones, oxygenate the body, sleep better and reduce aches and pains.

Another point to take care of is the diet, including avocado, strawberries, sesame, and green leafy vegetables in our diet.

Once the baby is born, we will have to talk to the gynecologist to help us get back to our life little by little. It is recommended to resume physical activity little by little and with the doctor's approval.

As a recommendation, hypopressive abdominals will help us to recover both the pelvic floor and the abdominal girdle.

In the end, the important thing is to feel good at all times, look for our best version and enjoy the sport as another element for our health.