Riot Games is preparing a big change in League of Legends

Riot Games has been working for some time now on an important change in the gameplay of League of Legends. Starting with version 12.10, the popular game is going to readjust the durability of all its champions to make the pace of the game less frenetic and each kill more relevant.

In addition, many of the stats will be increased to reduce the overall amount of damage caused to opponents.

To achieve these durability and damage goals, Riot is going to increase these stats on characters:

  • Basic life.
  • Life per level.
  • Armor per level.
  • Magic resistance per level.

The company is also looking to adjust the Rift's secondary systems, weakening the stamina tools, and the Baron, turrets, and mana regeneration will be improved. 

Overall, all of these modifications will cause players to experience their champions doing and taking less damage, allowing for more counterattack opportunities, longer duration of teamfights and skirmishes, and increased difficulty for champions with explosive damage to gain advantage or quick kills.

While Riot knows that frenetic and intense combat is one of the keys to League of Legends, they also believe that they have perhaps gone too far in that direction, and now intend to reorganize the durability of champions rather than remove or directly weaken the most offensive elements of the game. 

The company is fully aware that these changes will generate a considerably different meta-game, so the evolution of the game will be monitored during the first few weeks.