Rachel Green, the fashion visionary

If you haven't noticed, the style worn by Jennifer Aniston's character in ‘Friends’ is trendy with what we are seeing everywhere these past few years. All those dresses, bags, shirts, and their combinations have stayed with us. 

The vests, the leather jackets, the torn pants, and the way she combined all these garments already gave us a preview of some of the trends that we can see today. I'm sure that when you see these images it's clear, that she was a fashion visionary.

A schoolgirl look. Red plaid miniskirt, light white sweater, high white socks, and loafers - who hasn't fallen for this trend these latest years?

Lingerie dress. Sounds familiar? One of the big trends of the last few years: mini strapless dress with a t-shirt underneath. It looks great on her.

Her oversize shirts. The knot in the center gives the touch, casual style shirts have always been a trend and now you can find them in many colors.