League of Legends characters in Arcane

As is well known, League of Legends has a Netflix series. Arcane has been trending on the platform since it came out in November 2021, and already many fans of League of Legends and the series are eagerly awaiting the release of a new season.

There is nothing better than reviewing the characters of the League of Legends universe that appear in Netflix's fiction.

Jinx. From the innocent Powder to the destructive Jinx. One of the main characters of Arcane, together with her sister Vi, with whom she has a special and changing relationship.

Vi. She is, along with Jinx, one of the main protagonists of the series. She starts as a criminal in Zaun and ends up being a protector in Piltover. She has a special relationship with her sister Jinx and forges a curious friendship with Caitlyn.

Caitlyn. One of the characters that experience a greater evolution during the 9 episodes of the first season, in which she makes very good friends with Vi.

Jayce. A major player in the Hextech crystals plot, he has a growing political facet, as well as being an inventor moved by the heart, whether in friendly or romantic facets.

Singed. The mad scientist plays an important role in Jinx's healing after a major fight with Ekko and in Viktor's childhood.

Viktor. He was born in Zaun but managed to join Piltover as one of the most promising inventors in town. He becomes Jayce's companion, partner, and great friend, although Viktor ends up going crazy trying to save his life.

Heimerdinger. Heimerdinger is a Yordle who is part of Piltover's core staff of scientists and is Jayce's teacher until he is removed from the council and seeks a new life outside Piltover.

Ekko. A young man from Zaun in the first part of the series. Finally, Ekko ends up growing up and forming a different kind of city in which he tries to make everyone live happily and peacefully. 

Kindred and Warwick. Kindred appears briefly in one episode, though with no more relevance than uncovering Vi's jealousy of Caitlyn at the beginning of their entertaining friendship. While Warwick appears with his claws at the end of the last episode, so it seems that he will have special relevance in the next season.