iOS and Android are ready to provide Google Maps Historical Street View

Google Maps Street View has been around for more than 15 years. The tech giant had unveiled a new camera and announced it's bringing historical Street View to Android and iOS, something that has impressed the technology world.

Historical Street View allows the user to view historic imagery from a location and see how a place has changed over time, dating back to 2007 when Street View first launched. The feature has been available on desktops since 2014, but not on phone, something that will change on iOS and Android devices. 

To try out historical Street View, we will need to tap anywhere on an image, then tap ‘See more dates’. Then, we will scroll through a carousel of images showing the location at various points in the past. 

Google expects to have more communication with iOS and Android to know how this feature is working on their devices, looking for more ways to try to work together, bringing the best things to the consumers all over the world.