How to achieve an impeccable make-up look

If we want to achieve a makeup look as close to perfection as possible, we will have to choose quality products, that is obvious. Another obvious aspect is the makeup process we follow, although this aspect is not always given the importance it deserves.

Let's see what the ideal makeup process would be like when we want to show off all our aesthetic beauty.

1- Skin preparation

Before applying makeup, we must prepare the skin so that it is completely clean and dry. 

Performing a cleansing routine before applying makeup will better prepare the skin for all the cosmetic products that we are going to apply to it. If we are looking to achieve a blemish-free face, we will use a concealer that is suitable for our skin tone.

We apply it under the dark circles under the eyes and cover any imperfections, such as spots or blemishes. Afterward, we use a pre-base on the face and neck to further unify the skin of the face and make the makeup last longer.

2- Apply the base

We will have to choose a foundation that matches our skin tone. If you use bronzing powder, make sure that it is not much darker than the skin of your body so as not to clash with it. 

Ideally, we should use a powder foundation that also has a mattifying effect. Mattifying powders regulate the shine of the forehead, cheekbones, and nose so that the makeup looks better and lasts longer.

Apply the foundation with the fingertips to achieve greater coverage. Once we have finished, we use the translucent powders to unify the skin and achieve a more natural look.

3- Enlarge your eyes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and they must be captivating! Therefore, it is essential to enlarge it with some makeup tricks. 

Light and soft shadows are the best way to achieve this. If we have small eyes, it is not advisable to use very dark shadows, as they tend to make our eyes even smaller. 

To make your eyes look bigger, apply a black line on the eyelid and another one on the inner part. For the lower part of the eyelid, we will use white eyeliner. In this way, we will improve the perception of our eyes.

4- Focus on the lips

To make your lips irresistible, give them more volume. To do this, we must apply a little foundation on the lips so that the makeup sets better. We choose our favorite color and apply it in a lighter shade. 

With lipstick, we make a soft contour and draw small vertical lines in the center. Once this step is finished, we apply the color we have chosen and use lip gloss to give them more volume.