Home robots will be created by Dyson

Dyson is moving beyond vacuum cleaners and hand driers and will try to develop robots capable of helping with household chores. 

The British company has announced plans to create a major robotics center at its facility that will work on new types of domestic robots. The facility will be home to 250 robotics engineers. In addition to home robots, Dyson will continue producing robotic vacuum cleaners.

Dyson is investing heavily in developing new technology, proving that half of the 2.000 people to have joined the company this year are engineers, scientists, or coders. They are also hiring robotics engineers across disciplines including computer vision, machine learning, or sensors.

The company revealed glimpses of some of its work, in a video at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, in Philadelphia. We all expect great things coming ahead, with these home robots available for all the consumers.