Facebook owner Meta updates the privacy policy

Millions of users of Meta products, including Facebook and Instagram, are to receive notifications of the firm's updated privacy policies. Meta says the changes are designed to make it easier to understand how customers' information is used.

The company has previously been criticized by regulators and campaigners for its use of customers' data. WhatsApp and some other products are not covered by the update.

More control over people's posts

Meta says the changes won't allow it to “collect, use or share your data in new ways”. There are, however, two changes to the way that users can control how their information is processed.

A new setting will give people more control over who can see their posts by default. And existing controls over which adverts users can see are consolidated into a single interface. The company is also updating its terms of service.

The changes are an attempt to reconcile a desire to reduce the complexity of policies while facing “more demand from regulators and in privacy legislation to be more comprehensive”.