Apple has launched 'Tap to Pay', a feature to make payments easily

Apple has launched its ‘Tap to Pay’ iPhone feature in Apple Store. Customers who visit Apple's retail locations can use their iPhones to make payments with Apple Pay, digital wallets, or their contactless debit or credit cards.

‘Tap to Pay’ provides on-screen payment confirmation for both parties once the transaction is complete. No additional hardware or terminals are necessary, and according to the company's original press release, users must have an iPhone XS device or newer to use the feature. 

Apple is teaming up with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and other payment networks to make ‘Tap to Pay’ work properly. Additionally, the company will work closely with app developers and payment processors to integrate this checkout feature for all iPhone and Apple Watch customers in the future.

Businesses of any size will be able to use the system, including solo merchants you meet at the farmer's market and large retail chains. As small advice, just make sure you can afford to repay your balance in full to avoid penalties when you use ‘Tap to Pay’.