5 tips to start playing Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is a new generation of strategic combat shooters in which only the smartest survive. Based on tactical turns and set entirely in a series of 25-second time loops, the mind plays a transcendental role in the development of the game.

With these tips, you can learn how to gain an advantage on the battlefield and overcome combat in less time.

1- Make anticipatory shots and plan temporary strategies

We must anticipate enemy movements, covering key points with bullets, traps, or shields, which will prevent them from neutralizing our plans, which in turn must be flexible and temporary, adapting to what happens in the game.

2- Watching the loop

Between turns, we can fly the drone around the map to see the current state of the time loop, being a great opportunity to plan the next move we are going to make.

3- End the turn in ghost mode

If we have died in the middle of a turn, we can end it as a ghost. Ghost actions will only become real if that operative is saved in a later turn.

4- Good use of operatives

Choosing the right operative is key to a successful strategy, as is knowing how to react to the opponent's moves and being proactive when the situation requires it.

5- Strengthening our shields

Finally, if we don't move much, make sure we are covered next turn by deploying a defensive-minded operative like KARL.