4 mods to try on Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the greatest game releases of the last few years. Thousands of players have spent hours and hours in the Midlands collecting Elden's circles and leveling up. But, in addition, there is the possibility of playing differently through mods.

Once we have experienced all that FromSoftware's gaming world has to offer, we can look for a new way to continue playing, making the game easier or more difficult. 

For this reason, the community has already created different mods, which can be activated by disabling the 'easy anticheat'. These are some of the most interesting mods.

1- Easy mode

There have been many disputes in the community about the difficulty of the game. Easy is a mod that exists in Elden Ring to add a degree of simplicity to the title. 

It is a much more relaxed way without having to go through the complicated tests that are proposed to us.

2- Difficult mode

Just as there is a mod to make Elden Ring simple, there is also another to make it much more complicated. 

The difficult one is a mod that will make the enemies harder than we are used to, with higher rank, faster, and causing more damage. A great challenge for players looking for a considerably more complex experience.

3- Pause the game

This mod does what we can all expect reading its name, something that can't be done in the game: pause it. This mod will allow us to stop time during our adventures in the Midlands. 

4- Cat ears

Finally, if what we are looking for is to customize our character with a Final Fantasy touch, this mod is ideal. 

The modification will change some of the game's helmets for cat ears with different colors, giving an aspect that will intimidate more than one enemy we come across in the Elden Ring Midlands.