3 romantic places to visit in couple

Many romantic places are magical, either because of the place or because of the memories they awake in us. Places that invite you to stop, landscapes that give you back the ability to be surprised, hotels that seem to merge with the ocean, and real book cities.

The Lodge on Loch Goil (Scotland)

Scotland has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, attracting all types of travelers, beauty seekers, romantics, sportsmen, women, etc.

One of these special stops for couples is The Lodge on Loch Goil, northwest of Glasgow, where we can sleep in a tree.

Pokonji Dol (Croatia)

Of the 65 lighthouses that dot the Croatian coast, one of the most interesting is the one on Pokonji Dol island near Hvar.

Its solitude and the sunset over the Adriatic will make us think we are in paradise. And that belongs to the Paklinski Otoci archipelago, which means 'Islands of Hell'.

Alsace (France)

All of France seems to be designed for the love element to easily flow but undoubtedly one of the most romantic regions in Alsace, specifically Strasbourg.

Especially on Valentine's Day, the old town of this delicate northeastern city is full of romance and, in addition to walking along with the Quai de la Petite France, offers a special program for lovers, including shows on the Bridge of Sighs, moonlight bathing, etc.